There are always the classic gifts to consider when you are invited to a Jewish wedding ceremony. If the couple is religious, it is sometimes risky to stray too far from the ordinary. So, if you receive an invitation to attend a Jewish wedding, consider these Jewish wedding gifts to give:


Candle stick holders: in a religious home, these will be used every Friday and Saturday, so a good pair is essential. However, you can make the Sabbath extra special for the soon-to-be wedded couple if you find a pair of candle stick holders that have extra flare, elegance or design. Ones covered in sparkles or gems may be beautiful, or others that feature a colorful pattern. You can also go very simply and elegance with sterling silver holders that stand tall and stylish. Traditionally, the mizvot of lighting the candles on the Sabbath is the mother’s responsibility, so it is just fine if the candle stick holders you find have a bit of a girly design.

Candle stick holders

Mezuzah: every Jewish home must have a mezuzah on their front door post, if not on every door in the house. You can find unique mezuzahs with fun prints and designs on them, or elegance ones with abstract designs that can sometimes take up six to 10 inches on one’s wall! Find one that can be engraved with the couple’s wedding date and names or find a simple one that speaks of elegance and happy occasions. The couple can never have too many of these, since religious couples need one for every room in the house.


Menorah: the eight- tiered candle holder for Hanukah is a popular gift because everyone celebrates this holiday and everyone needs a menorah in order to do so. The styles of menorahs that are available today are endless: fun cartoons, stylish sterling silver casings, tv themed menorahs, classic looking menorahs, artsy abstract menorahs and even personalized menorahs. Choose one that reminds you of the soon to be wedded couple so they can use it during that special time of year and keep it on display in home year round.



Shopping for Jewish gifts is not a difficult task, but finding the right piece that is truly unique may require a bit more time than usual. Just be sure to scout out all your options before making your choice. In the end, so long as you have put genuine thought into the mission, the lucky couple will be extremely grateful no matter what!