Bar Mitzvah – Jewish Gifts and Knowledge

A Bar Mitzvah is a precious time in a young boy’s life when he leaves behind the world of adolescents and steps into the world of adulthood. There is a common misconception that, after a boy participates in a Bar Mitzvah, he is free from all parent rule, instantly has all the freedoms of an adult and is given a lot of Bar Mitzvah Jewish gifts.

In reality, the ceremony really marks the time in a boy’s young life when his parents are no longer responsible for ensuring that he follows the Jewish traditions, ethics and rules provided by the Torah. The Jewish gifts are actually in honor of the boy for taking upon the responsibility of seeing his daily Jewish responsibilities accomplished.

If you are invited to witness a young boy being called to the Bama (Stage) on a Saturday morning service, you may also be invited to celebrate with the boy and his family after the service. Sometimes the reception is a simple Kiddush with wine and snack foods, and other times the celebration is much more elaborate – it all depends on tradition.

If you are searching for thoughtful Bar Mitzvah Jewish gifts, here is a list to start you off:

Kiddush cup – although this is a somewhat common gift, you can find many different Kiddush cups that are brilliant and beautiful, fun and sporty or somewhat plain looking. The Kiddush cup will be used by the boy as he grows up and it is one day his turn to say Kiddush for the Sabbath meals.

Tallits – a beautiful tallits is always a great gift. Many Jewish men have more than one tallits for different occasions. A tallits that is hand painted, hand embroidered or hand sewn in beautiful patterns are often saved for the High Holidays and other special times of the year.