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Passover Recipes

It’s the time when we tell the story of how we were taken out, liberated from the materially and spiritually confining existence of slavery. Apparently, some of us actually resisted—we would have rather stayed slaves in Egypt than face the unknown (the unknown takes a lot of effort, actually).   Even today in some cases we’re so used to chains, they seem like part of us and we don’t even realize we’re enslaved. This is the deepest kind of slavery. It’s a slavery that’s synonymous with exile. We’re locked in and locked out.   We complain the most about...

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Is It Gluten Intolerance? The Real Deal About Challah

Challah is the braided bread Jews from Eastern and Western Europe serve during the three Shabbos meals (Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon). Jews from other countries serve a variety of exotic loaves, but bread is essential. Without it, a meal isn’t a meal, according to Jewish law. Challah today is generally a white loaf, rich with eggs, and containing flour, oil, honey or sugar, yeast, and salt. White flour is considered de rigueur because back in “the old country” white flour was more expensive and also represented purity and refinement. Also, Shabbos is described in the sacred literature as...

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Jewish Symbols

Learn More About Jewish Symbols Religions within our world are divided by individual values, concepts and symbols. Jewish has some variations in comparison to other people. You will find Jewish symbols which are completely different from the relaxation from the religions but they are completely recognized by all of the worldwide Jewish towns. The Star of David, the Menorah and also the Chai are some of the most famous Jewish symbols which you may encounter. The Star of David is recognized as to belong in typically the most popular symbols identified by Jewish all over the world. This star...

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